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Half-Life: Notamod

This is the official info/download page for my Half-Life customization, Notamod.

Notamod versions

Two versions of Notamod exist.
The first version is based on standard Half-Life SDK 2.3 source.
The second is based on Spirit of Half-Life by Laurie Cheers.

Some mods will not run correctly using the Spirit based version, this is why both versions are available.

Newest downloads

The latest of Notamod files are listed below.

File name Size unzipped Last update time Description
notamod.zip 3875 kB August 17 2006 09:51 PM Notamod based on Half-Life SDK 2.3
notamod2.zip 4462 kB August 31 2006 03:38 PM Notamod based on Spirit of Half-Life 1.0
Why I made it

Notamod was born because I was discontent with a few details in the original game, like the firearms or item interaction, just to name some of them.

When I started modifying, I realised that to change one thing required many other things to be changed as well... the result is a heavily customized (or screwed up) code, some new sprites and sounds, and an author waiting for some criticism. Send it to haj@zhat.dk

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